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Rochelle N. Poulton

Attorney at Law, Owner

    “My firm has 3 goals – be cost effective & efficient, make complicated things simple, and change the way people think about attorneys. We do this by offering flat rates with payment plans, educating our clients through Happy Learning! (and the other classes we offer), and by encouraging everyone to ask us questions to better understand what we do & why we do it. I am a credit attorney and I love helping people with debt and credit legal issues. We have developed a pretty awesome (and affordable!) system for helping people overcome their financial past, and move into the future with great credit – and no collections. We want to help everyone, and my 3 goals are exactly how we plan to do it.”



 CFO (Chief Feline Officer) aka “snuggle monster”

Sox is our office cat, therapy kitty, and we are all (of course) pretty obsessed with her. She lives at AZCLG full-time and loves meeting new people. She really enjoys laying on keyboards and important papers, climbing in purses, drinking out of glasses (so watch your coffee mug), and rubbing her tail in your face. For more on Sox, follow us on Facebook.



    Sheldon Black

      Litigation & Bankruptcy Paralegal

pplSpirit animal – Kamchatka Brown Bear

pp p 480-907-6088 | f 480-907-7126

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    Nora Klepp 


pplSpirit animal – Himalayan Snow Leopard 

ppp 480-907-6088 | f 480-907-7126

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    Adele Linton

      Graphic Design & Marketing 

pplSpirit animal  – Sumatran Tiger

pp p 480-907-6088 | f 480-907-7126

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           Astrid Martinez

                Admin Assistant 

           pplSpirit animal  – Arizona Anna’s Hummingbird  

           pp p 480-907-6088 | f 480-907-7126

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  Sammy McCreedy

      Paralegal Assistant 

pplSpirit animal  – African Peacock 

pp p 480-907-6088 | f 480-907-7126

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Interested in Joining our Team?
We are hiring, or will be.
We want people with a positive attitude, who can give good customer service, and learn problem solving skills. We are looking for assistants, paralegals, marketing assistants, and attorneys. So for more information about available positions – here is the link! https://azclg.bamboohr.com/jobs/