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Free Stuff!

 Free stuff is always a win. We want to be a resource for you and here you will find some hopefully handy information!

Happy Learning!

Join us every 3rd Friday from 4 – 5 pm for a FREE consumer rights class! We are in a pretty unique area of law and we have to stay up to date on what is happening in the world of debt, credit and general consumer rights issues so join us for a new topic every month. It’s free, and we will have food and “beverages” and lots of useful information about different issues. So come meet us, Sox, and see where our ninja magic happens. No RSVP necessary just come if you can.

Happy Learning!

Free Info!

Credit and Debt issues can be difficult to navigate. Here are our top five most common requests for information.

  1. Use this to remove those pesky “consumer disputes this account” language on your credit report? Here you go! Credit Bureau Dispute Your loan officer will love you for sending this in before you apply for a mortgage.
  2. Need to dispute a collection account that you already paid with the credit bureaus? Use this! Dispute Collection Accounts  (Did you forget to get a receipt? No worries, use this request for a $0 balance template to send to the company you paid. Request $0 Balance)
  3. Want to opt out of those annoying “pre-approved” offers. Here is the link: Opt Out!
  4. Where can you get a copy of your credit report- for free? Well you have many options but these are our 2 favorites Credit Karma Annual Credit Report!
  5. Tired of debt collectors calling you – want the calls to stop? Use this. They can still write to you though. Cease & Desist

Is there anything else you want here? Submit your request here!

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