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What does the Equifax Data Breach mean to me?

We’ve all heard about the Equifax Data Breach and we are coming to the realization the EVERYONE was impacted- so what can you do about it?

Why is the Equifax Data Breach such a big deal?
Equifax is a credit reporting agency […]

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Why is my Credit Karma score different?

Credit scores are complicated, and the answer to why is different from or the credit scores you see for mortgages, car loans, etc. is even more complicated.

First, there are many different variations of credit scores, but the most […]

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Sometimes we all just need a little boost. 🙂 Read More

2016 Medical Debt Help

In case you haven’t noticed, the cost of medical care in the US has gone up quite a bit for the everyday consumer.  You are now paying more for your health insurance, healthcare costs in general are increasing, and so […]

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